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Your membership is extremely important to us because the more members we have the greater our voice. For this reason, we keep our annual subscriptions to just £1 per person per year!

We need your support through:


Over time, donations from members have enabled us to build up a valuable reserve. In recent years we have been able to use our reserves to pay for professional help in the successful fight against the incinerator at New Barnfield.

Currently our work on the proposed development of housing in the Green Belt through the Local Plan is eating into our funds and so your donations are vital to our Society. We are the only organisation in the area to have access to such resources.

Yearly Memberships – Only £1 per person

North Mymms District Green Belt Society welcomes new members but it is important for current members to renew their subscription annually.  For your convenience, we have created some membership plans that will allow you to create an annual direct debit payment to us, the direct debit can be cancelled at anytime by contacting your bank or our membership secretary on remember to include every member of your household when completing your subscription.

Our memberships run from 1st January – 31st December.


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Annual Membership & Donation (preferred)

2 Memberships with £38 donation = £40 – Subscribe here

2 Memberships with £28 donation = £30 – Subscribe here

2 Memberships with £18 donation = £20 – Subscribe here

2 Memberships with £13 donation = £15 – Subscribe here

2 Memberships with   £8 donation = £10 – Subscribe here

1 Membership  with    £4 donation =   £5 – Subscribe here

Annual Membership Only (no donation):

5 Memberships = £5 – Subscribe here

4 Memberships = £4 – Subscribe here

3 Memberships = £3 – Subscribe here

2 Memberships = £2 – Subscribe here

1 Membership   = £1 – Subscribe here

Payments are taken automatically once a year via direct debit

Bank Transfers (one-off donations):

If you do not see a plan above that suits you, then please make a direct payment into our bank using the details below. Remember to email your contact our membership secretary with your details so we know you have sent us money –


Account Name: NMDGBS
Sort Code: 30-16-64
Account Number: 00098459

If you would prefer to fill in a form to post back to us please click here to download our application form.