Little Heath

15.1 Little Heath is one of five smaller villages that fall into the fourth tier of settlements in Policy SP3: Settlement Hierarchy of smaller villages excluded (inset) from the Green Belt, reflecting the settlements level of sustainability compared to the larger villages such as Brookmans Park or Welham Green. It is considered that settlements of this type are suitable for new development where it is compatible with its scale and character.

15.2 There is a primary school, a parish hall and a pub in Little Heath and it is well served by adjacent Potters Bar for other facilities such as shops, a railway station and secondary schools.

Proposed changes to the site allocations at Little Heath

15.3 There were two sites proposed for allocation in the Draft Local Plan 2016 for this settlement for 135 dwellings (HS24/BrP7 and HS25/LHe1). One of these sites HS24 (BrP7) is included in this consultation as the Council’s Cabinet (30th January 2020) resolved to consult on the potential for this site to be removed.

15.4 There were three additional sites promoted at Little Heath for consideration by the Council and two of these sites are proposed for allocation. The two additional sites (LHe4 and LHe5) are proposed to be a single allocation in the plan to provide suitable access and to ensure an appropriate Green Belt boundary can be formed. (i.e. two site allocations with a combined capacity of 71 dwellings).

15.5 The consultation sites section indicates the new sites that are proposed for allocation and the potential removal of a site from the Draft Local Plan. These changes are now the subject of this consultation event.

15.6 The map below illustrates the sites proposed for allocation along with proposed changes to the Green Belt boundary.

15.7 The proposed changes to the Draft Local Plan relating to this settlement are also shown on the following pages. These include updates to the proposed site allocations including the site specific policy requirements. These requirements complement the other policies set out in the plan to ensure that any site specific requirements are properly planned for.