As you know the Society is run by volunteers who give as much time as they can to support the preservation of the Green Belt.

There are several roles that are outside the scope of the committee members and this is a “call to arms” to see who of you out there can be of assistance.

The fight to preserve and protect the Green Belt grows ever demanding and in several instances professional services are required. The Society has a limited fund and as you probably are aware we spent a substantial sum in the fight against the Incinerator.

As you know we have already recruited the services of a Planning Consultant to help us prepare our response to the Second Consultation of the Local Plan but we need people who are able to assist in assessing and evaluating situations that require in depth knowledge, i.e. a Civil Engineer to advise on matters regarding construction and possible flood risk.

If you have any skills that you believe may assist in the protection of the Green Belt please contact our secretary Carol McCarthy on

We greatly appreciate any help and assistance that you can give in this ongoing battle.

As you may recall in our November update, subscriptions for 2016 are due from 1 January 2016. We depend on your support to help us fight to retain our precious Green Belt. In order to do so we need the help of as many Parishioners as possible. So if you are already a member then please renew your subscription or if you are not a member then please join. We would also like you to ask you neighbours to join as well. Application forms can be downloaded from our website and the completed form, along with your subscription can be dropped in to ‘Incidentals’ in Welham Green, ‘Brookmans Park News’ or posted with a cheque made payable to NMDGBS to Mrs A Higgens, 8 Bluebridge Avenue, Brookmans Park, Hatfield AL9 7RZ. You can also pay by standing order (bank details on application form) which would ensure your continued support for the years to come