Local Plan:  Some good news – but must keep up the pressure.

The Council is currently consulting on proposed changes to the Draft Local Plan.  The number of dwellings now being sought is increased from 12,000 to 14,025 in response to the Inspector’s demand to get nearer the target of 16,000.

 But there have been some positive changes in respect of the Green Belt:

  • All sites rated as high harm to the Green Belt have been removed from the Draft Plan
  • No new sites rated as moderate/high are proposed to be added to the Draft Plan.
  • There are two exceptions to the above – in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

For our Parish this means:

The following sites have been withdrawn from the Draft Plan:

HS22 (BrP4) west of Brookmans Park railway station

HS24 (BrP7 south of Hawkshead Road

The following sites are now to be added in the Draft Plan:

BrP1/BrP35 (106 dwellings) in Bell Bar, west of the A1000

LHe4/5 (36 dwellings) in Little Heath, Studlands and Videne, Hawkshead Road

WeG10 (120 dwellings) in Welham Green, north of Dixons Hill Road

WeG1 (16 dwellings) Welham Manor, Welham Green

WeG3/3a (68 dwellings) land south of Welham Manor, West of Station Road, Welham Green

The following sites remain in the Draft Plan:

HS21 (BrP13) (14 dwellings) west of Golf Club Road, Brookmans Park

HS23 (BrP14) (10 dwellings) east of Golf Club Road, Brookmans Park

HS35 (12 caravan pitches) Dixons Hill Road, east of the railway line, Welham Green

SDS7 (92 dwellings and employment land) Marshmoor, Welham Green

HS25 (LHe1) (35 dwellings) north of Hawkshead Road, Little Heath

HS11 (120 dwellings and secondary school) New Barnfield

What Now?

  • Check out the consultation details on the Council’s website: welhat.gov.uk
  • Come to our AGM to learn more
  • Please make your views known again. This will be your last chance to have your say.  Over ten thousand comments were submitted following the last consultation.  The outcome shows that your voices have had an effect in protecting our communities and the Green Belt
  • The closing date for responses is 22 March 2020


Our Green Belt Society has been in existence since 1976 and has around twelve hundred members who pay an annual subscription and make donations.  Thank you.  Without you we wouldn’t exist.  We have your support at public meetings and you are active in making representations in support of the Green Belt.  Again – thank you. 

But we need to draw on our membership in a more regular way; we need eyes and ears in the community and we need to strengthen our committee, which meets monthly, with two or three new members.  We particularly would like help with our website and communicating with members.  Can you join us?  If you are interested in a greater involvement in this aspect of your community, please get in touch either by speaking to a committee member at the AGM or through our website www.northmymmsgreenbelt.org.uk

Please also renew your membership if you haven’t done so already you can do this on the website here or download and print off the membership form here.