Bell Bar and Brookmans Park

14.1 Brookmans Park is one of four larger villages that fall into the third tier of settlement types, known as ‘Larger Excluded Villages’, as set out in Policy SP3: Settlement Hierarchy demonstrating its relative sustainability following the borough’s two towns at Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

14.2 Brookmans Park is therefore a sustainable location for development in the borough, following the main towns, being a large village excluded (inset) from the Green Belt and offering a range of services and facilities, employment and good public transport connectivity including a railway station.

14.3 Bell Bar and Brookmans Park are considered together as the potential changes to the Green Belt benefit from being considered comprehensively.

Proposed changes to the site allocations at Bell Bar and Brookmans Park

14.4 There were three sites proposed for allocation in the Draft Local Plan 2016 at Brookmans Park (HS22/BrP4, HS21/BrP13 and HS23/BrP14) for 274 dwellings. However, the Council’s Cabinet (30th January 2020) resolved to consult on the potential removal of HS22 (BrP4).

14.5 There were 17 additional sites, or site options, promoted at Bell Bar and Brookmans Park for consideration by the Council and one of these sites are proposed for allocation (i.e. a total of three sites with a combined capacity of 128 dwellings).

14.6 The consultation sites section indicates the new site that is proposed for allocation. These changes are now the subject of this consultation event.

14.7 The map below illustrates all the sites proposed for allocation along with proposed changes to the Green Belt boundary.

14.8 For information, the implications of the proposed changes for the Draft Local Plan site allocation policy relating to this settlement are then shown on the following pages, including the site specific policy requirements. These requirements complement the other policies set out in the plan to ensure that any site specific requirements are properly planned for. This does not however form part of the current consultation. Changes to the policy, if agreed by the Inspector following the relevant hearing sessions, will be subject to consultation at Modifications stage.