AGM 2021.

Note from the Chairman about the AGM arrangements

We are very sorry that because of Covid restrictions it is not possible to hold our AGM in the usual way.  Rather than wait indefinitely until we can hold a public meeting, we have decided in effect to hold the meeting in two parts.

The first part will be conducted virtually through Zoom with the only resolution to be presented being a formal resolution to adjourn the meeting until such future date as we can get together without the Covid restrictions. The required quorum of 15 members is assured.

We did look at sending out the Zoom link to the membership generally but concluded that it would be impracticable to try and hold such a large virtual meeting. We hope members will understand.

Once we can meet in public, the meeting will be reconvened to deal with the full agenda. The current members of the Committee will continue in post until the adjourned meeting.

We anticipate that the Council will be holding a further public consultation on the Local Plan in the Summer. If possible we shall organise a public meeting at that time and will continue the adjourned AGM then.

The Notice of the meeting, The Agenda, Minutes of the AGM 2020, Chairman’s Report and Financial Statements are all available here on the website.

Agenda  here 

Minutes of 2020 AGM  here

Financial Statement  here

Chairman’s Report here

Notice of the meeting was published in the April Newsletter.