We attended the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council meeting of the Cabinet Housing Planning Panel on 13 June 2016 where ALL the sites recommended by the Planning Officers for the Draft Local Plan were voted in favour of (with the inclusion of additional site Hat11) by the six Conservative Councillors, including Brookmans Park and Little Heath ward councillor Stephen Boulton (Chairman). The three Labour Councillors and one Lib/Dem Councillor voted against.

The following are the recommended sites:

WeG4b Marshmoor – 80 dwellings and 40,500m2 of employment land
GTLAA01 Foxes Lane – 12 pitches
Hat11 Land at Southway (next to New Barnfield) – 120 dwellings

BrP4 Land west of Brookmans Park – 250 dwellings
BrP13 West of Golf Club Road – 14 dwellings
BRP14 East of Golf Club Road – 10 dwellings

BrP7 Hawkshead Road (on a reduced site area) – 100 dwellings
LHe1 Land north of Hawkshead Road – 35 dwellings

The next Cabinet Housing Planning Panel meeting will be on 14 July 2016 when the Councillors will be approving the Final Draft. We will be attending and will keep you informed.

The Draft Local Plan will have a final Public Consultation in the summer.

As soon as we have the final details we will be holding Public meetings in Welham Green and Brookmans Park and will keep you informed with our newsletter.

Although all the Welham Green sites are considered suitable, they have not been put forward because of limited primary school capacity and no alternative site has been identified to deliver an expanded school.

Recently reports in the Welwyn Hatfield Times have suggested the inclusion of WeG15 Potterells in the Draft Local Plan. The original proposal for Potterells does not not have a primary school but Colin Haigh, Head of Planning, revealed at the 13 June 2016 Cabinet Housing Planning Panel meeting that they have now received a letter from the site promotor for a proposed school. We have queried this with Planning and have been advised that the proposal came in too late to be included in the Local Plan. It could be raised during the consultation period and maybe during the Inspector’s examination.

We will be monitoring this situation and will keep you informed.

The Planning Officers have stated that if WeG15 Potterells came forward then it could include WeG3 Welham Manor – 45 dwellings (potential for 64 subject to alternative access arrangements) with access from Potterells.